Posture Curve

Posture Curve reduces back stiffness and increases lower back flexibility as it is developed to segmentally loosen and distract intrinsic muscles of the lumbar spine. Trigger points are easily identified as the 2 knuckles vertically straddle the spine and anchor along muscles of the back.


Posture Curve helps back stiffness and restores a healthy, strong posture, providing controlled traction and a deep muscle massage

The Posture Curve was developed to loosen a stiff back and provide traction – one segment at a time. In just 3 minutes of use, the Posture Curve will traction all five segments of the lumbar spine in the low back. Before and after using bending measurements show the benefits of using the Posture Curve. The two knuckles straddle the back and fit along the muscles. Trigger points or sore areas in muscles associated with back strain are easily identified as the knuckles of the Posture Curve are moved from segment to segment providing a deep muscle therapy along with traction.

The Posture Curve works best through your clothing and the depth of muscle penetration is always at your control. On a pain or soreness scale of 1 to 10, try to stay around 5. If you find the massage knuckles too painful, simply cover with a towel and remove towel or layers as you progress to greater levels of pain relief and as back stiffness is released.

Posture Curve allows precise spinal areas to be stretched and traction can be done sitting or while lying on your back. The traction allows movement between each segment, alleviating pressure on the discs in the back. This helps to relieve nerve pressure from pinched nerves and herniated, protruded or buldging discs which can cause back and leg pain or sciatica. Using the Posture Curve is an active procedure which is recommended by professional health care providers.


Posture Curve also helps to restore the normal posture to the back which helps restore structure and strength to the entire spine. Posture affects and moderates every physiologic function from breathing to hormonal production. Back and neck pain, headaches, moods, blood pressure, pulse and even lung capacity are among the functions most easily influenced by posture. In fact, it has been shown that older men and women with poor posture have higher mortality rates!

At Posture Curve, we strive to improve not only back pain and stiffness, but to increase your overall health by helping to correct poor posture and the related health problems associated with it.

Posture Curve is safe and easy to use. It will not hurt the back because it straddles the spine and the massage knuckles work along muscles of the back and never touches the spine itself. Tight, stiff muscles sometime feel painful, however you always have complete control of the pressure. Use the Posture Curve twice daily for maintenance, to your preference or other times as directed by your healthcare provider.