The Stick

The Stick is a revolutionary device used to segmentally compress and stretch muscle.  Most effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points.  80% of pains are a result of non compliant muscles forming knots and result in trigger points.  If not removed, that part of the muscle is prone to injury.  The solution is to massage the affected area by using The Stick three times in a day and each time doing 20 sets of rolling the Stick in an up and down motion on the affected muscle.


The Stick is used on major muscle groups like the lower back, upper back, shoulders, thighs, hamstrings and calves.  The Original Body Stick is 24” length and has 15 working spindles which deal with most muscle groups.  The motion of deep stripping massage of the tender spot in the muscle is a treatment choice of muscular rheumatism (myofascial trigger points).


For arms a base plate is needed. The Stick is inserted at the base place and the other opposite hand can assist by exerting pressure on the massaged arm.