1000 Mile

The 1000 Mile sock is a sock within a sock. The inner layer stays with the foot, the outer layer moves with the shoe thus eliminating friction on the skin and reducing wear.

The unique mixture of fibres helps to keep the foot cool, dry and blister free.


Running Sock
The running sock is a double layer sock to help prevent blisters and reduce wear.

Compression Sock
The 1000 Mile Compression Sock minimises muscle fatigue and soreness, enabling faster muscle recovery after exercise or injury by reducing the build-up of lactic acid, accelerating blood circulation and preventing muscle oscillation.

Tri Sock
The 1000 Mile Tri Sock features the unique properties of Marfil – the lightest yarn available, with the lowest specific weight of any fibre ever conceived. The wicking properties of Marfil mean your feet stay cool and dry.

Cross Country
The 1000 Mile Performance Socklet features the unique properties of new Wool Ultra®. Revolutionary new yarn technology makes wool ultra up to 20% lighter than conventional wool. Its superior wicking qualities result in 30% faster drying and also makes it more effective in combating odours.