The Stick

The Stick is a revolutionary device used to segmentally compress and stretch muscle. Most effective in the treatment of muscle pain and trigger points. 80% of pains are a result of non compliant muscles forming knots and result in trigger points. If not removed, that part of the muscle is prone to injury. The solution is to massage the affected area by using The Stick three times in a day and each time doing 20 sets of rolling the Stick in an up and down motion on the affected muscle.

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The Posture Curve

The Posture Curve was developed to segmentally loosen and distract the spine, one segment at a time. Three minutes of time will distract all five segments of the lumbar spine. You can prove that the Posture Curve is stretching the spine by simply taking a pre- and post-flexion bending measurement. Its 2 knuckles vertically straddle the spine and anchor along muscles of the back. Trigger points are easily identified, as the knuckles are moved from segment to segment. Works best through clothing. Depth of muscle penetration is always controlled by the user. On a pain scale of 1 to 10 – stay around 5. If you find the knuckles too aggressive, simply cover them with a towel.

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The Salt Stick

This patent pending formulation consists of five electrolytes which play a pivotal function in maintaining normal human muscle function: sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and chloride. A shortage of any of these electrolytes will affect athletic performance. SaltStick® Capsules are crucial to minimize muscle cramping, heat stress and fatigue. Only 1 capsule per serving.

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1000 Miles

The 1000 Mile sock is a sock within a sock. The inner layer stays with the foot, the outer layer moves with the shoe thus eliminating friction on the skin and reducing wear.

The unique mixture of fibres helps to keep the foot cool, dry and blister free.

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